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How to Remove Water Spots from Auto Glass – Correctly

Does an immaculate windshield appeal to you? No matter how clean the interior side is, spots of hard water build on the outside from rain and snow. These will also increase windshield fog, depending on the severity of the climate.

The good news is that without too much effort, you can remove those hard water spots, and enjoy pristine and shiny auto glass. It’s certainly a lot easier than having to cover a broken window.

How do Water Spots Form on Windshields?

Knowing what causes hard water spots on glass can help you prevent them from developing in the first place. When water that contains a lot of minerals isn’t wiped away and is instead left to dry, you get these resilient water spots. The minerals are left behind after the moisture evaporates.

There are more sources of hard water than just rain and snow, however. Leaky gutters on your house and lawn water sprinklers can land on your windshield, dry up, and cause water spots. There are some cleaning techniques that we can use specifically for auto glass, although addressing the potential causes can save you some steps.

You can also use a glass treatment to prevent water spots. In some cases, these are applied by the manufacturer, but you can certainly use things like glass sealant, rain repellent and carnauba paste wax otherwise. These solutions work wonders, because they cause hard water to run off the glass, rather than pooling up and causing water spots. Dealer Auto Glass provides a host of DIY solutions in addition to their professional windshield services.

How to Remove Water Spots from Auto Glass

If your windshield has hard water spots, you’ll have to clean them thoroughly before a treatment can be applied. The following are four effective ways to remove these water spots and make your auto glass shine. Some of these are less conventional cleaning supplies, but they’re all effective and will get the job done.


Using vinegar on a windshield requires equal amounts of white distilled vinegar and water. Spray the solution over the sections that have hard water spots. Completely cover those areas with the vinegar solution, and reapply it as it dries up. Afterward, drench a rugged towel or rag in the solution and scrub the spots away before drying the windshield with paper towel. If hard water spots persist, repeat this same process until they’re gone.

Lemon Juice

Cut a lemon in two and rub it on the hard water spots while squeezing the juice out. Natural lemon juice contains a fair amount of acidity, so you might be surprised how effective this is. It’ll likely require less effort than cleaning water spots from the glass door on your shower, and restoring it to factory condition.

Afterward, dry the windshield with paper towel before using a glass cleaning solution. Wipe it away with paper towel to remove any streaks and residue.

Chemical Glass Cleaning Products

There are products that you can buy at the store, which are specifically designed to remove hard water spots. You can even make your own windshield washer fluid at home. Each will have their own set of instructions for safe and effective use. In some cases, general hard water spot removers aren’t meant for glass, so you can wipe away remaining streaks and blemishes with a glass cleaning product. Drying your windshield with newspaper is a great choice for this step.

Baking Soda Paste

Combine the baking soda with a bit of water to create a paste-like texture. Using a cloth, scrub the hard water spots with baking soda paste until all of the spots have cleared away. Water-Right offers this as a reliable solution against water stains with harder buildup.

Afterward, use water to rinse the glass clean and immediately follow it with a glass cleaning product. Use a piece of newspaper to dry the glass off without leaving any streaks.

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